The Difference

Finding a good builder is critical to the success of your custom built home. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time living within the results of their work. You should be comfortable with the personality and track record of the builder whom you select, because you will be working closely with them for several months. If you do not feel comfortable, keep looking at other builders until you do.

After you have selected your custom home builder, you should get everything in writing up front so that are no hidden surprises down the road. The quoted price to build your custom home should include everything that you expected. Hidden "little extras" that you thought were included can increase the cost of your custom home by thousands of dollars.

We believe the main qualities needed in a contractor, trust and integrity, are exactly what separate Annas Development & Building from other local contractors. That's why Annas Development & Building takes pride in their outstanding reputation as a creative builder, whose hallmarks are distinctive architectural look, attention to detail and long-term stylistic appeal in all its projects.

Annas Development & Building not only wants to build your dream home for you, but, we can also provide the architectural design for your home and the fine details of your home's interior design and decoration. This is because we have established a working relationship with a select group of highly regarded architects, draftsman, engineers, interior designers, and trades people upon whom we can rely to achieve the highest standards in design and construction.

We begin our projects by designing a floor plan that will not only meet our client's needs and lifestyle, but will also bring a sense of comfort and well-being into their lives. The beauty of the exterior is just as important; as are the superior quality of workmanship and the building materials that we use.

Our motto is "from blueprints to breathtaking." We do not use these words carelessly or just so we will have some fancy cliché. If you give us the opportunity, we will convert your plans into the home of your dreams by giving attention to detail and by providing excellence in customer service throughout the building process. We promise to provide satisfactory service before, during, and after completion of your home. By the time the project is completed, you will not just be a client but a friend of Annas Development & Building. That is the Difference.