Where do I start when it comes to building a new custom home?
The easiest way to start is to contact us and we will assist or advise you with virtually every aspect. If you insist on being a self-starter, we suggest starting by getting a topographical survey of your land. This will help when beginning a critical analysis of the home site.

How can I determine what building opportunities are available on my site?
We suggest meeting with you for a preliminary site visit. During this meeting we will discuss many different building options and review any limitations or restrictions that must be heeded. We also recommend contacting an architect, home designer, or engineer who can help determine the boundaries and setbacks on your property. Again, we will be happy to take care of this for you.

What about plans for my home?
There are many options when it comes to house plans. First we suggest surfing the web or looking in books because there are literally thousands of home plans available to choose from. Many times you can find something very close to what you're looking for in one of these places. There is also a large number of home designing software available for you to purchase as well. If none of these work for you, then we suggest contacting an architect or reputable home designer. They can build you a "virtual" home complete with every amenity and feature that you could possibly desire. They will also give you a birds-eye view of how the home will actually look once it is completed.

How much money does it cost to build a custom home?
The total cost of each individual custom built home can vary significantly due to many different factors including: lot conditions, excavation requirements, sewer or septic system, water or well system, home size and style, choice of exterior and interior materials, flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc. Geographic location is also a big determining factor especially when it varies as much as it does here along the Grand Strand. Typically, in this area, the total cost of building a custom home will average $85.00 to more than $300.00 a square foot depending on the clients tastes, budget, and all the other previously mentioned factors.

How long will it take for my home to be built?
There are many factors that can affect the length of time needed to build your custom dream home: adverse weather, size and complexity of the home, and availability of building materials, just to name a few. The good news for the homeowner is that virtually all construction loans are drawn up so that there is a limit as to how much time the contractor has to complete the project. We always strive to complete the project as soon as possible, however; under no circumstance will we sacrifice quality or superior craftsmanship in order to meet some deadline. Your satisfaction with our work is more important to us than that. Generally speaking, allow about 6 to 8 months for completion depending upon the different intangibles.

How often will my presence be required; I live too far away to commute?
We understand that people live very busy lives and have schedules to keep just as we do. We also realize that person-to-person meetings are not always possible because of time, distance, other obligations, etc. That's why we are fully equipped with all the latest communication tools. We have email, voicemail, fax, office phones, and cell phones that we utilize on a daily basis. There are a couple of times that we will need to meet though. It is very important that we meet you prior to beginning construction. At this meeting, we will discuss many different issues, make an initial site visit, and give you a chance to ask any questions or clear up any misunderstandings that you might have. Finally, we would want to meet with you again just before final inspection. This affords you the opportunity to review our progress and make sure you're completely satisfied with the project prior to closing. Obviously, any other face-to-face encounter we may have is considered a bonus and is very much encouraged if feasible for you.

*** Obviously, we have not answered every question that you might have. There would not be enough time and space to deal with them all here. We've tried to pick out some of the more common questions that we get.

Please, feel free to contact us with any more questions that we have failed to address on this page. Our goal is to not only build your home, but more importantly, we want to be your lifelong friend when the project is completed!