Quality Builders Warranty

10-Year Warranty

First Year

  • 1 Lot grading and drainage
  • 2 Roofing
  • 3 Siding and caulking
  • 4 Masonry and concrete
  • 5 Chimneys and fireplaces
  • 6 Windows and doors
  • 7 Interior walls and trim
  • 8 Flooring and covering
  • 9 Carpentry
  • 10 Cabinets and countertops
  • 11 Cooling and heating
  • 12 Plumbing
  • 13 Electrical
  • W Water infiltration

Second Year

  • 14 Lack of water supply
  • 15 Septic system fails
  • 16 Pipe leaks
  • 17 Clogged drains and sewers
  • 18 Ductwork separates
  • 19 Wiring fails to carry specified electrical load




Quality Builders Warranty Corporation

Years 1~10

  • 20 Columns
  • 21 Bearing walls and partitions
  • 22 Floor systems (structural slabs, joists, and trusses only)
  • 23 Roof framing members and systems (rafters and trusses only)
  • 24 Foundation systems and footings (which are an integral part of the home and structurally attached)
  • 25 Load-bearing beams
  • 26 Girders
  • 27 Lintels (other than lintels supporting veneers)

Quality Builders Warranty Corporation

Specific warranty terms and coverages are set forth in the QBW Limited Warranty Agreement.
The artwork is provided as a visual reference only and does not modify or change coverages in the QBW Limited Warranty Agreement.

Integrity Matters

A Builder You Can Trust

Quality Builders Warranty (QBW) has been enrolling builders of the highest skill and integrity since 1985. The new home warranty industry began in the United States as a way to restore integrity to the homebuilding industry. Although several companies have strayed from those principles, QBW has continued to do business with only builders who hold the highest standards of quality construction and customer service. QBW screens builders for technical knowledge, craftsmanship, as well as financial stability, and it has been recognized as the most selective 10-year warranty program in the industry.

Coverage You Can Depend On

Your 10-year QBW warranty is backed by Liberty Mutual, one of the largest insurance companies in the nation. You can rest easy knowing that your new home is protected by a name that Americans have trusted for over 100 years. Also, Liberty Mutual recognizes the quality of QBW Builders and as a result offers discounts on Home and Auto insurance. Ask us how to take advantage of this discount or call Liberty Mutual at 800.786.6558 and use group code 4160.